We can supply or convert your existing fridges to a spark safe fridge (depending on the fridge as they can't all be converted). These refrigerator models we can supply completely spark-free on the inside (all internal electrical components have been removed) and have been specifically designed to allow for the safe storage of volatile samples. Volatile samples are considered unsafe for storage in standard refrigerators as any spark formed by components within the freezer which can ignite fumes or the sample itself.

In reference to AS/NZS60079.10:2004 for zoning of hazardous areas:

For zone 2 classification it is recommended that a refrigerator or freezer be located 300mm above floor level as the compressor electrics are on the bottom part of the fridge.


Features of a spark safe fridge:

  • All electrical parts and controls are outside working space
  • Natural gravity convection air movement
  • Manual defrost
  • Plastic inbuilt moulded liner
  • Plastic coated shelves and transparent storage drawers
  • Solid access door with magnetic gasket
  • Optional microprocessor controller with built-in error codes
  • Optional alarm contacts available

More info link regarding spark safe fridges.

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